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Beautiful Love V.Young, W.King, E.van Alstyne Words by H.Gillespie

Now that I’ve met you, Love, can’t you see
I’m just a slave and a dreamer, schemer
Could I forget you, happy I’d be
Still if I’d lose you, I’d sigh
You’re like a beautiful flame,
Burning my heart since you came

Beautiful love, you’re all a mystery
Beautiful love, what have you done to me?
I was content till you came along
Thrilling my soul with your song
Beautiful love, I’ve roamed your paradise,
Searching for love, my dream to realize
Reaching for heaven, depending on you,
Beautiful love, will my dreams come true?

Of times I’ve sought you, only to find
I had been chasing your doubles, bubbles!
Now that I’ve got you, can you be blind?
Am I to hold you in vain?
Why am I feeling like this,
When all you promise is bliss?

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